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Institute Of plumbing & Heating EngineeringThe Gas Safe Register

City & Guilds certified in the installation, Service & Repair of unvented hot water storage cylinders

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Registered With The institute Of Plumbing & Heating Engineering

We are a small but well established plumbing and heating company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Our Small workforce are courteous, tidy, friendly and respectful and guarantee customer satisfaction every time.

We endeavor to ensure customer satisfaction by assisting you in any way we can. We will answer any central heating or plumbing related inquiry by drawing on our vast knowledge and over 23 years of experience in the plumbing & heating trade. Our aim is full customer satisfaction in our working relationship, workmanship and after care service.

We are fully trained and registered in the installation, commissioning and servicing of unvented hot water cylinders.

We are fully certified in the current water supply (water fittings) regulations 1999

All unvented hot water cylinders have to be installed by a registered company for safety and proper installation.

All unvented water storage units need to be checked and serviced every year for safe operation.!!

The Unvented cylinders that we install are constructed from stainless steel with an internal expansion known as bubble top cylinders (no need for external expansion vessels) which makes them smaller and easy to install in most areas of the home.

These unvented cylinders do not require a sacrificial anode to stop internal corrosion so peace of mind for years of use.

The unvented cylinder comes with a 25 year guarantee on the cylinder and 2 years guarantee on all valves and thermostats.

Click on the web site link at the bottom of this page to see the unvented cylinders that we install.

All unvented cylinders will have to be notified to building control before installation and registered when installed.

The advantages and disadvantages of an unvented hot water cylinder are:

Balanced pressures at both hot and cold taps.
High performance showering throughout the house.
Faster filling baths.
No cold water tanks in the loft space to be contaminated or to freeze in winter.
Quick installation and quite in operation.
Fast heat recovery (typically 23 mins for 170L
Can be fitted anywhere in the thermal envelope of the property.
Minimal heat loss, performance exceeds CHeSS best practice and Part L of building regulations.
Faster flow rates than any combination boiler unit and still keeping the immersion heater backup.
Mains pressure potable water at all outlets, up to 55 litres per minute.

No storage back up if the mains water fails.
Poor mains water pressure will cause poor performance.
Need for a discharge pipe (overflow).
Requires servicing yearly.

An unvented hot water storage cylinder can be heated directly via an immersion heater or indirectly by most heating systems providing it is not a solid fuel burning appliance (e.g. it has to be a Controllable heat source) They are ideal where high performance is required or in multi story properties where it would be difficult to gain the necessary head of water via a cold water storage tank to feed taps on the upper floors.

We also install thermal hot water stores


Cold water accumulators

These cold water accumulators connected with the un vented hot water cylinders can give performance unrivaled by any other water heating system. High flow rates to multiple outlets can be guaranteed even with an incoming mains flow rate as low as 5 litres per minute

!!!!! Unvented cylinders can be installed with an extra heat exchange coil for solar heating systems !!!!!

(Click here for the OSO unvented cylinder site)

The main unvented cylinders that we install are the OSO unvented cylinder and the Baxi Megaflo unvented cylinder

We can also install the OSO dualstream water accumulator systems

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